Scott Lipps

Institute: What is your diary looking like at the moment Scott?

Scott: Managing talent every day and running ONE mgmt. I usually have 5-10 meetings a day with ad agencies, photographers, models, etc. Going on shoots, a bit of travelling for work, attending fashion and cultural events. Basically 24 hours of nonstop madness… that’s my life.

Institute: How was NYFW for you and your models?

Scott: It is always a lot of work, but if you break a few new clients every season its worth it. The market in NY is flooded with models from all over and from quite a lot of agencies…thankfully we had Marine, Elsa, Sarah Engelland and some others do very well…from the YSL exclusive to other great shows…

Institute: It’s clear to see you have a great relationship with your clients. How do you create the perfect balance of business and pleasure?

Scott: You always have to maintain a level of professionalism on top of the business, but we are like a family, so I’m lucky to have such a close relationship with them all…ultimately you see your team and the models more than you see your actual family so it’s important to get along well.

Institute: What qualities do you look for in a new model?

Scott: There’s not one thing, but personality, proportions and that certain star quality are super important. Sometimes you just know it when you see it…a year and a half ago when Carola walked in, we all knew she had the “it” factor. Since then she’s done 4 international Vogue covers.

Institute: Who are the ‘Ones to Watch’ from ONE?

Scott: Sarah Engelland who did a worldwide YSL exclusive in Paris this season, Chloe was in Bazaar this month and did a shoot for Uniqlo, Marine who had a great show season, and, of course Carola.

Institute: Do you have an all time favorite model?

Scott: I think Christy Turlington is such an iconic talent and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met but of course all of the models we rep at ONE are my favorite!

Institute: What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far?

Scott: I think the fact that we continue to sign A-level talent like Karolina Kurkova and that we are expanding into so many areas of the business that others have not, from social media to building real brands with clothing lines, fragrances, cosmetic deals and licensing deals. It all keeps it exciting.

Institute: What is the secret to your success?

Scott: Not sleeping! And working 24-7.

Institute: You also play the drums in Hole, can you tell us more about that?

Scott: It’s been an amazing experience. I played in front of maybe 40,000 people with Kanye West and The Black Eyed Peas last year with HOLE! We aren’t in a touring cycle, so there have been just a few shows this year and some recording, but when we do, its on a massive level and amazing.

Institute: How do you find time to play in a band and run one of the most successful modelling agencies in the world?

Scott: Because we have only made a few appearances in the last 15 months it’s been totally fine to juggle both, plus I don’t sleep!

Institute: You spend a lot of time in LA. What made you set up your offices in New York?

Scott: I actually don’t spend too much time there anymore, but I used to live there. And for the celebrity endorsement things we do, I need to be there every now and then, and to sign talent etc. But NYC is the epicenter for fashion, hence, our office is here.

Institute: What has been the most surreal experience since starting One Management?

Scott: The fact that we have survived and prospered where others have not, and we continue to grow and expand.

Institute: How do you feel when you see actors/actress’s becoming the face of fashion campaigns?

Scott: I think it’s a natural evolution and part of the process… models still sell well and its Ok to have a healthy balance.

Institute: What can we expect from One Management in 2013?

Scott: How much time do you have? More branding, expanding, and lots surprises to come.

Institute: What is an average day for Scott Lipps?

Scott: I think the above mentions it all but 80% fashion, some film, tv and cultural worlds and a bit of music thrown in for good measure!

Institute: Favorite fashion designer?

Scott: Love Rag & Bone for guys, think Balenciaga for women is great.

Institute: iPhone or Blackberry?

Scott: Love Macs, actually addicted too but Im a Blackberry guy. I couldn’t send 3000 emails a week on a Iphone….unless they design real buttons!

Institute: Do you have a favorite city?

Scott: LA….who doesn’t want to wake up in the sun everyday?

Institute: Favorite hotel?

Scott: Love the Hermitage in LA for the service & the Sunset Marquis for the Rock ‘n’ Roll aspect.

Institute: Favorite restaurant?

Scott: Could be Sugarfish in LA, Brentwood…Sushi at its finest!

Institute: Signature scent?

Scott: Water? I’m not really a big cologne guy.

Institute: Style icon?

Scott: Love cool Brit rockers like Paul Weller etc but wouldn’t say I dress like em.

Institute: Home is?

Scott: NYC & occasionally LA.

Institute: I hate?

Scott: Fake people.

Institute: I love?

Scott: The beach & sunshine!! And music of course, fashion, film, food!

Institute: Latest purchase?

Scott: My golden goose sneakers from Aloha Rag.

Institute: Currently listening to?

Scott: My new recordings with HOLE, coming out soon!!

Institute: You can never have too many?

Scott: Great leather jackets.

Institute: Beauty Tip?

Scott: Sleep.

Institute: Favorite Website?

Scott: Still going through my Twitter obsession & if I’m a bit biased, POPLIPPS.

Institute: Most inspiring person you met?

Scott: Steven Tyler.

Institute: Highlight of your career to date?

Scott: If you manifest it, it will happen… Having ONE management for nearly 11 years…

Institute: Favorite person to work with?

Scott: Anyone with a vision….creativity.

Institute: What are your thoughts on fashion?

Scott: Constantly evolving….I love where it’s going technology wise.

Institute: Where do you think trends are created?

Scott: With visionary people.