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  • Edoardo Ballerini

    Edoardo Ballerini

    Institute: What made you take the career path as an actor? Edoardo: It’s an odd story. I was studying Latin in Rome the summer after I graduated from college and I saw an call for American actors. It looked intriguing, and I was bored, so I thought I’d check it out. From there, it all…

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  • Scott Lipps

    Scott Lipps

    Institute: What is your diary looking like at the moment Scott? Scott: Managing talent every day and running ONE mgmt. I usually have 5-10 meetings a day with ad agencies, photographers, models, etc. Going on shoots, a bit of travelling for work, attending fashion and cultural events. Basically 24 hours of nonstop madness… that’s my…

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  • Vincent Piazza

    Vincent Piazza

    Some preliminary things to note about Vincent Piazza: he’s perhaps better known as Lucky Luciano on the hugely popular HBO TV series Boardwalk Empire. More importantly, we’ve come to learn that he’s supremely charming and real in person. His first dream was to become a professional hockey player before he incurred an injury that rerouted…

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  • Christopher Abbott

    Christopher Abbott

    Christopher Abbott bristles at the thought of taking his profession too seriously. “In the grand scope of things, it’s a silly thing to make a movie or to do a play,” he says in that self-effacing manner we’ve come to associate with unpretentious, if not sensible, actors. A conversation with the 26-year-old plays out similarly…

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