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Dorit Thies 7
Institute: You specialize in hair, beauty, fashion and celebrity photography. How did your career begin?

Dorit: I had a thriving career as a hair and make up artist for two decades in Europe and the US before I changed careers. It was a long transition and I started shooting film and created a body of fine art at the same time, photographing many of my friends, mostly nudes, all in black and white. I sold some of my images but it was not enough to pay my bills.  All of my work was exhibited in galleries and museums all over the US—and all of this was going on before the Internet.

I got my first break print opportunity with Men’s Health Magazine in Germany when they offered me a cover shoot. Our relationship lasted for seven years! I always specialized in health, fitness and wellness.
Years later I dove into my real passion: beauty.

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Institute: Your photography career spans over 20 years. What has been your highlight?

Dorit: So many highlights in my career because I am always open and I have recreated myself more than once! I believe that you have to constantly move forward and see where doors are opening, and always do your best work and go with the flow. This is how the universe has given me the most amazing opportunities.

Institute: You have worked all over the world. Where is your favorite place to shoot?

Dorit: I do love shooting in a studio space, believe it or not. Creating magic with a creative team is very satisfying to me. But if I had a wish to shoot somewhere special, I go to either a very deserted location like Mongolia, Death Valley in Southern California, or Cuba.

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Institute: You have worked and collaborated with some of world’s biggest beauty brands from REVLON, Urban Decay Cosmetics, etc. LORAC Cosmetics , OYA Beauty and ALOXXI. How do you maintain a great working relationship?

Dorit: Relationships are everything. As a photographer you play a leading role but your client needs to be inspired by you, your vision and your engagement, all without being pushy. I try to always work hard and always try to exceed my clients’ expectations.

Institute: What sets your work apart from other photographers?

Dorit: I try not to compare myself with others. Every person, each new assignment is so different, a real exploration. I try to stay original and create new work from deep within.


Institute: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Dorit: Designer Iris van Herpen

Institute: How would you describe your style of photography?
Dorit: Super strong and bold

Dorit Thies 8

Institute: What are your top three on set essentials?

Dorit: My reliable crew
Strong coffee
My favorite shooting music makes the difference

Institute: What is the best advice you could give to any up and coming photographer?

Dorit: Be original, work hard, stay grounded and humble.

Institute: What’s next for you?

Dorit: Shooting a Spring/Summer campaign for one of my main beauty clients and then a planned trip to Nepal. Life is an adventure!

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May Lindstrom

May Lindstrom 11 Institute: What is the story behind May Lindstrom?

May: This line was born out of a desire to create blissful bookends in my day, a time-out morning and night that was just for me. Having formulated for years out of necessity (I am blessed with highly sensitive and chemically reactive skin), I yearned to create something that was simply luxurious and lovely. My foundation in purity and simplicity is solid, but it was time for me to embrace playfulness and beauty in my potions.  I wanted to feel something when I picked up a bottle and entered my cleansing ritual. I wanted to feel peace, joy and celebration all in that one moment. And I wanted to share that with every woman I loved and cared about so she could feel this too.

Institute: When did your love of skin care begin?

May: My adventures into skincare began as a small girl. Growing up, I would spend full days mashing wild plants into a pulp and covering myself, and everyone who would humor me in “potions” made from these vibrant green liquids and the clays I would dig from the iron rich soil in my yard. I have been a formulator of sorts from the very beginning, moving from child’s play, to my work cooking in professional kitchens, and back again to magical beauty potions.

I am passionate about pure, potent ingredients and about a return to our roots. Our planet provides such an elegant bounty of delicious botanicals, clays, salts and spices that it is hard for me to fathom how we have strayed so far from that to the current trend of hocus-pocus performed in laboratories, mass produced plastic bottles filled with damaging synthetic chemicals and cheap fillers.
I believe in simplicity. While I have given an incredible amount of attention to designing products that create a feeling of decadence and celebration, my very core is as basic and grounded as it gets. Beauty truly does come from within and I know that without a healthy body and spirit, our skin suffers. I can talk for days about nutrition and the delicate balance of our inner workings. There is no magic bullet in a bottle, not from my line and not from any other.

May Lindstrom 15Institute: How do you source your quality ingredients?

May: I purchase raw ingredients in their fresh and active state from a small handful of suppliers who work directly with farms from all over the world. With the plant ingredients especially, this is incredibly important. It is imperative to fill each and every bottle with the most vibrant raw materials possible. That sometimes means a lot of searching and alternating areas of the world I source from for each ingredient as seasons fluctuate and certain crops are more or less abundant. It’s a major part of what we do, and something our very foundation is built on.

Institute: What has been your proudest moment since starting May Lindstrom?

May: January of last year. I’d been running my entire business as a one-woman show out of a bedroom in my house – blending and filling each and every bottle by hand, shipping every package and making every phone call and email. All this while nursing my baby girl and learning the balance of new parenthood. That month I finally asked for help, hired my first three employees all in one week, and moved us into a work studio the next. It was a massive leap of faith, and when I landed, I looked around and realized I had created my own little family. They were in this with me, and together we could do anything.

What is your daily face routine?

May: In the morning I keep things very simple – a splash of cool water and gentle massage most days, followed by The Youth Dew or The Blue Cocoon and The Jasmine Garden. If I’m feeling dehydrated and sensitive, I’ll wear The Honey Mud into the shower, giving myself a quick enzyme and antioxidant treatment, and protecting my skin from evaporation of precious oils. In the evening, I’ll cleanse with The Honey Mud (it’s a double duty powerhouse), every second or third day adding in The Clean Dirt to effectively exfoliate, brighten, restore tone and give serious glow. Once or twice a week, I take a time out to indulge in a full treatment with The Problem Solver. It’s warming, powerfully detoxifying, and an anti-inflammatory superhero. After, massage with The Youth Dew, followed by The Blue Cocoon, and a generous mist of The Jasmine Garden.

Institute: Describe your travel essentials?

May: The entire collection comes with me everywhere I go, in sweet little mini bottles (releasing soon!). I formulate for myself, first and foremost , and for my crazy sensitive and reactive skin, each piece is a must. I carry The Blue Cocoon and The Jasmine Garden on board any long flight, keeping my skin hydrated and fresh, so I can step off the plane even better than I stepped on.

May Lindstrom 7Institute: What is your favourite beauty treatment from the range?

May: The Blue Cocoon is my absolute favorite treat of all time, on the entire planet. The Blue Cocoon is essentially the most beautiful facial oil you’ve ever experienced in a unique waterless and waxless balm form. In the jar, it is a solid. Once it touches skin, it turns immediately to a lovely fluid. This is used both as a daily hydrator or as a special treatment for skin that is sensitive, inflamed, damaged, acneic or irritated. It can be used as a spot treatment or for the full face, neck and decollete. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and soothes skin in the most beautiful way, providing the perfect level of hydration and healing, eliminating any redness and irritation. It works wonderfully for all skin types, and is especially effective for those prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea.
This contains blue tansy, which calms and relieves inflammation on a magical level. It’s like a meditation and spa vacation for your skin – in aromatherapy, blue tansy is used to reduce anxiety, heal sleep disorders and soften the feeling of being out of control. Total bonus – this can double as my favorite eye and lip treatment of all time.

May Lindstrom 3Institute: What is your favourite beauty tip?

May: My go-to DIY: A hot bath, salty as the sea, and pure raw honey blended with a bit of cinnamon, slathered thick from forehead to breasts… simple, and life-changing.

Institute: Apart from May Lindstrom what are your other beauty staples?

May: Simple things – raw coconut oil for head to toe hydration, good salts for the bath, chlorella powder for a quick and nutrient rich masque treatment.

May Lindstrom 17Institute: How much do you think your diet has an impact on your skin?
What foods are in your fridge?

May: For me, diet is absolutely key to beauty and well-being. I eat very well and am a lover of good food. I subscribe to two different CSAs and love having these mystery boxes of super fresh fruits and vegetables show up on my doorstep. Living in California, I am very blessed with incredible access to the best farm-fresh goodies year round. It inspires me to cook gorgeous food that feeds both my soul and my family’s bellies. I believe in eating the rainbow, choosing the most vibrantly colored produce you can find and mixing up your meals regularly for nutritional variety. I incorporate tons of whole unprocessed grains and every type of legume I can get my hands on.

Institute: What foods do you avoid?

May: I focus on vibrant, whole foods, but I also believe in a little indulgence. There’s little that is entirely off limits one hundred percent of the time. There’s a saying: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” :)

May LindstromInstitute: Who do you think has gorgeous skin?

May: Yasmina Rossi. She’s a model, but so much more than that. In her sixties now, she’s simply the most stunning woman I’ve every met face to face. Her skin glows in the most incredibly magical way. You can see her inner beauty resonate through her outer beauty. Ethereal, radiant, glorious. She’s phenomenally inspiring.

Institute: What do you do when you are having a ‘bad’ skin day?

May: The Problem Solver. Always. It’s a miracle worker.

Institute: What is the best thing we can do for our skin?

May: Feed your skin well, give it rest, and shower every inch with love – just like the rest of us.

Institute: Do you have a daily exercise routine?

May: I wish I could claim that exercise played a steady role. Quite honestly, it is not something I have ever made consistent time for. I try to take regular walks with my yellow lab and little girl, but I will admit it’s not nearly as often as we would all like.

May Lindstrom 9Institute: What is your instant ‘pick me up’

May: My family. My husband will turn on music in the morning, loud. My three year old squeezes herself between us and we all dance around wildly. It’s super goofy, but gets us all off on the right foot, and connected to each other.

Institute: If I only had 10 minutes to get ready, which steps would you say I should never leave the house without doing?

May: When I’m rushing out the door, with barely time to toss on jeans and a tshirt, I toss The Jasmine Garden and The Blue Cocoon in my bag. A quick mist and a touch of my favorite treat, and I’m good to go.

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Pixi Beauty

What is the story behind Pixi?

I started out as a makeup artist, and could never find the products that I wanted to use on shoots, so I started to blend them myself! They had to be gorgeous, stay-put shades, but ALSO quick & easy to apply and good for the skin. I soon found that there was a huge demand for this, so I started Pixi in 1999 with our flagship London store (which is still going strong!). We have been creating effective, fuss-free products for on-the-go women ever since!

When did your love of skin care begin?

Petra: Very young! My mother is incredibly low-maintenance about beauty, so my sisters and I grew up missing that “girly” part of our lives…and we all ended up in the beauty business! My sister Sofia became an esthetician and got me really interested in all the different ingredients & extracts that can help your skin. I think it’s very important to infuse everything that goes onto your face with skin-loving ingredients!

How do you source your ingredients?

Petra: I come up with an idea for a product and brainstorm with my creative team – we then work with a chemist to find the perfect formula and beneficial ingredients that will be great for that specific product!

What has been your proudest moment since starting Pixi?

Petra: It has to be when we launched in Target – it really allowed us to reach all of America, giving women across the country access to the Pixi philosophy & products!

What is your daily face routine?

Petra: After I wake up, I splash my face with cold water to increase circulation. I then wash with Glow Mud Cleanser, leaving it on as a 5 minute mini-mask if my skin needs a little pick-me-up. Then I will use Glow Tonic, and apply a few drops of Rose Oil Blend all over the face. I smooth on a bit of H2O Skindrink or Glowtion Day Dew (depending on if I am going for a more satin look, or a dewy look), and then do a few spritzes of Hydrating Milky Mist. That’s it – ready for makeup!

Describe your travel essentials?

Petra: I love to have something quick to refresh on long plane trips – Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths are perfect for this. Glow Mud Mask is great for travel, since it’s very invigorating & refreshing – I like to use it at the hotel at night for a little pampering. Then definitely some mini sizes of my favourite makeup products: Flawless Beauty Primer, Flawless Vitamin Veil, and Endless Silky Eye Pen – they are all easy to throw into a handbag for on-the-go application!

What is your favourite beauty treatment from the range?

Nourishing Sleep Mask is my current favourite – smooth onto face after toning & applying serum at night, and it seals it all in instantly. When you wake up, skin is smooth, hydrated and protected!

What is your favourite beauty tip?

Petra: Definitely a touch of colour on lips & cheeks – even if the rest of your face is bare, a little colour freshens up everything and makes you look enlivened instantly! Try a shade that looks very vibrant in the pan/tube (bright raspberry or fuchsia) and buff it into skin for a translucent veil effect.

Apart from Pixi what are your other beauty staples?

Weleda Skin Food
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Kerastase Serum Oleo-Relax


How much do you think your diet has an impact on your skin?

Petra: Quite a lot! I try to eat a lot of salmon, leafy greens, and vitamins in general – I always have a bit more “glow” when I eat well.
Of course, I try to drink tons of water as well – I find that it helps with skin plumpness and clarity, plus it gives me more overall energy.
What foods do you avoid?

Petra: I stay away from any fast food and anything too sugary.

Who do you think has gorgeous skin?

Petra: I think anyone who is comfortable in their own skin is beautiful! Confidence adds a glow that no skincare or makeup product can…although a bit of glycolic acid never hurt!

What do you do when you are having a ‘bad’ skin day?

Petra: I love to use Rose Oil Blend and Illuminating Tint & Conceal when my skin is feeling or looking “off” – this duo brightens up any dullness, gives a naturally luminous effect, and hides any imperfections.

What is the best thing we can do for our skin? 
Try to stay out of the sun, keep it hydrated, and pay attention to it in general – if you monitor your skin and give it what it needs, you will reap the rewards! Some gentle exfoliation – like with glycolic acid – is also key!

Do you have a daily exercise routine?

Petra: I do pilates whenever I can fit it in, but I also try to just stay active in general. I always try to take a walk on the beach, around the garden or play with my 19 month old twins – they keep me moving!

What is your instant ‘pick me up’?

Petra: Nothing beats a quick spritz of Glow Mist – I have one with me at all times. Shake it up, and mist a few times all over face for a burst of hydration. It smells amazing & is super awakening!

If I only had 10 minutes to get ready, which steps would you say I should never leave the house without doing?

Here is my quick out-the-door routine:
Moisturize (H2O Skindrink)
Prime (Flawless Beauty Primer)
Apply tinted moisturizer and concealer (Illuminating Tint & Conceal)
Curl lashes
Apply mascara (Lash Booster)
Dab on blush (Sheer Cheek Gel)
Swipe on a tinted lip balm (Shea Butter Lip Balm)

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Alina Aliluykina

Alina Aliluykina Cover

Alina Aliluykina5

Institute: What made you take the career path as an actress?

Alina: My passion towards human feelings, artistic nature and love for cinema.

Institute: How did you make the transition from model into actress?

Alina: Modeling was never the final stop. It is fun but it was never enough. I want to tell the story and I want the picture move.

Alina Aliluykina

Institute: Tell us about your journey into the acting.

Alina: I always loved acting, naturally. As a kid, my favorite game was create to different characters in different worlds and play them. I would change my voice and the way I walked and dressed for each character. Then I became older and found myself on theatre stage in school. I performed all my childhood and teenage years.  When I came to America, I went to acting school and I discovered a lot of magical things about life. First of all, I have learned so much about my authentic self and the power of the truth, not only on stage or in front of a camera, but in real life as well. And how beautiful honest human feelings are and how powerful love and compassion is.  Institute: We were excited to hear about ’The Bad Batch’ can you tell us a bit about that? -It is a very exciting film!  I can not tell you a lot but it is a love story. Crazy cannibal love story :) The film will be released early next year.

Institute: What drew you to the part? How was it working alongside Keanu Reeves?

Alina: The story is fantastic. Keanu Reeves is fantastic actor and person as well.

Alina Aliluykina7

Institute: What are some of the greatest fears you think actors face?

Alina: I think the fear of not succeeding in what you do. It is a fear which most of human beings experience. I was thinking about it a lot and I think that to find what you love to do the most and do it – it is already a success. Rejections are not failures, it is just a process and as long as you keep doing what you love, master your craft, it will bring you satisfaction and joy. That means you are on the right path.

Institute: What are some of the greatest fears you think models face?

Alina: The modeling industry is whole another story. It is mostly about looks and  physics, so I think girls are insecure about that the most. The cool side of it is that you work out hard and eat healthy and it pays off.

Alina Aliluykina11

Institute: How do you keep yourself occupied in-between projects?

Alina: For me work is a necessity, so I never stop. It is like food for my inner world, soul if you like. I always create, write, play music, compose songs, talking to artists, collaborating, and thinking about ideas. It is non stop action and it makes me happy.

Alina Aliluykina3

Institute: How hard do you push yourself?

Alina: Pretty hard, and I learn every day new things about myself, life, people, and the craft. And the zone of creativity with new knowledge becomes bigger and more opportunities appear and more work, so I push myself harder as well to not miss out. But it is also important to learn how to make choices.

Institute: Do you have an all time favorite model?

Alina: I Love Natalia Vodianova. She is a great model and a great human being with a kind heart.

Alina Aliluykina13

Institute: What are you currently working on?

Alina: I am packing for San Francisco right now. I am recording my first album over   there. I am also shooting a couple of film projects as well this coming winter.

Alina Aliluykina9

Institute: Could you single out a person who has had a profound impact on you in the last 5 years?

Alina: Myself. I am not being selfish. It is just that every single change in my life and brave decision, I have made myself. I went against everyone including my parents, who said you will never make it, you live in the fantasy world and you should comeback to reality and live a “normal life”. I want to tell everyone who faces the same situation, especially kids from foreign countries like myself where society convinces you that dreams are not real, DREAMS are real! Whoever you want to become – you can become! Just make sure to dream big, work hard and never give up on that! And be a good person, what goes around comes around yeah?



Maxime Thibodeau

Maxime Thibodeau Cover

Institute: Favorite city?

Maxime: Las Vegas

Institute: Favorite hotel?

Maxime: Bellagio Las Vegas

Institute: Favorite restaurant?

Maxime: sushi restaurant

Maxime Thibodeau2

Institute: signature scent?

Maxime: Lacoste

Institute: Style icon?

Maxime: David LaChapelle

Institute: Home is?

Maxime: Canada / Montreal

Maxime Thibodeau5

Institute: I love –

Maxime: I Love to illustrate my imagination into a photograph and beautify it with contrasted light. Same if I considered beauty to be found first and foremost in differences, not in perfection.

Institute: I hate –

Maxime: I Hate negative personalities, everyday I try to be around positive and keep going to make my dream real.

Institute: latest purchase –

Maxime: My Latest purchase Is A leather Rucksack handbagyt. The best accessory to take with you on a daily basis, especially since it will match perfectly with just about anything.

Institute: currently listening to –

Maxime: I ‘m currently listening, for the first time of my life, a Tv show,  Breaking Bad. It’s about a teacher, name Walter, dumbstruck when he learns he has terminal cancer. Realising that his illness probably will ruin his family financially, Walter makes a desperate bid to earn as much money as he can in the time he has left by turning an old RV into a meth lab on wheels.

Institute: You can never have too many –

Maxime: Black clothes. I Think all of my wardrobe doesn’t have any color. Everything started when I realised when I could see my own reflection in the accessory, props or same on the floor where I was shooting. So now I can never have too many dark clothing

Institute: Favorite website –

Maxime: Amazon Only Because I Prefer shop online.

Institute: Where do you think trends are created?

Maxime: I expect every one should create their own trends with out following every advert they saw.


Institute: Highlight of your career to date?

Maxime: Work for Loreal Canada It’s for me the best Highlight of my Career in 2015.

Institute: Top Five Fashion Essentials –

1 – leather multi-tasker bag. This little accessory holds all your essentials like cards, money, passport and glasses.

2- The classic Black pants are crucial because they can be dressed up and they can be dressed down. This neutral color goes with anything and camouflages minor mishaps (nobody will ever notice where that wayward drop of wine fell)

Maxime Thibodeau

3- An original cellphone case.

4- The Converse Chuck Taylor, All Star Leather sneaker adds a rich, textured leather upper onto the world’s most iconic high…

5- A classic French Terry Cardigan in black.

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Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman Institute: Favorite fashion designer?
Anna: That’s so hard…. I have too many favorite designers







And so many more!

Institute: Favorite City?

Anna: London

Institute: Favorite Hotel?

Anna: Le sport The body holiday St. Lucia

Anna Chapman4

Institute: Favorite Restaurant?

Anna: The Hawksmoor in Spitalfields London

Institute: Signature Scent?

Anna: Alien by Thierry Mugler

Institute: Style Icon?

Anna: Kate moss

Institute: Home Is?

Anna: London

Anna Chapman2

Institute: I Love?

Anna: My Family and friends

Institute: I Hate?

Anna: Negativity

Institute: Latest Purchase?

Anna: Top from Cos

Institute: Currently Listening to?

Anna: Lorde – Pure Heroine

Institute: You can never have too many?

Anna: Clothes

Anna Chapman3

Institute: Beauty Essential?

Anna Chapman: BIODERMA

Institute: Beauty tip?

Anna: Drink lots of water. Coconut oil it’s amazing for the body externally and internally.

Institute: Favorite website?

Anna: Instagram

Institute: Favorite person to work with?’

Anna: Petros Mairoudhiou – Best friend and work colleague

Institute: Where do you think trends are created?

Anna: Trends are created by the world we live in

Institute: Highlight of your career to date?

Anna: This changes every day to be honest as so many things are happening and evolving and therefore everything seems more exciting than the last!

Anna Chapman5

Anna is currently working on Anthony Turners team assisting on shows such as: Chloe, Erdem,

Hussein Chalayan, Kenzo, Anthony Vaccarello, JW Anderson, Peter Pilotto,

Topshop Unique, Mary katrantzou, Preen and Dior Homme.

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Mathew Guido

Mathew Guido

Institute: Favorite fashion designer?

Mathew: Rick Owens

Institute: Favorite City?

Mathew: Tokyo

Institute: Style Icon?

Mathew: Jared Leto

Mathew Guido2

Institute: Favorite Hotel?

Mathew: Sala Silvermine Hotel in Sweden

Institute: Favorite Restaurant?

Mathew: Guu Izakaya

Institute: Signature Scent?

Mathew: Acqua Di Parma Essenza

Mathew Guido4 Mathew Guido3

Institute: Home Is?

Mathew: Wherever my family is

Institute: I Love?

Mathew: Anime

Institute: I Hate? Mathew: Spiders

Institute: Latest Purchase?

Mathew: Go Pro Hero 3 Black

Mathew Guido5

Institute: Currently Listening to?

Mathew: Sam Roberts Band

Institute: You can never have too many? Mathew: Candles

Institute: Beauty Essential?

Mathew: Sleep & water

Institute: Beauty tip?

Mathew: Less is more

Mathew Guido6

Institute: Favorite website?


Institute: Favorite person to work with?

Mathew: Mynxii White

Institute: Where do you think trends are created?

Mathew: On the street

Institute: Highlight of your career to date?

Mathew: The first time one of my drawings was developed into a photograph

Mathew Guido7

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Elizaveta Porodina

Elizaveta PorodinaInstitute: Favorite fashion designer?

Elizaveta: Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Junya Watanabe, Iris van Herpen.

Institute: Favorite City?

Elizaveta: London and Berlin.

Institute: Favorite Hotel?

Elizaveta: Royal Cliff in Thailand and The Room in Amsterdam.

Elizaveta Porodina 2

Institute: Favorite Restaurant?

Elizaveta: Max Pett in Munich.

Institute: Signature Scent?

Elizaveta: DKNY Delicious.

Elizaveta Porodina 3

Institute: Style Icon?

Elizaveta: Rick Owens, Diane Pernet, Grace Coddington.

Institute: Home Is?

Elizaveta: where my love is.

Elizaveta Porodina 4 Elizaveta Porodina 5

Institute: I Love?

Elizaveta: Dark chocolate, bananas, tea, black dresses, my home, art books, new experiences, my gaucho hat by Nathini Vandermeer.

Institute: I Hate?

Elizaveta: When people talk behind my back, depressions, romantic comedies.

Institute: Latest Purchase?

Elizaveta: A long black vintage jersey dress.

Elizaveta Porodina 6

Institute: Currently Listening to?

Elizaveta: A single by Karin Park “Shine”.

Institute: You can never have too many?

Elizaveta: Dresses, eyeshadows in different colours, hats of different forms.

Elizaveta Porodina 8

Institute: Beauty Essential?

Elizaveta: Lots of sleep, healthy food and more biking than taking the car or the tube.

Institute: Favorite website?


Elizaveta Porodina 7

Institute: Favorite person to work with?’

Elizaveta: Heiko Palach, my favourite hair and make up artist and my mentor.

Institute: Highlight of your career to date?

Elizaveta: My editorial for VOGUE Ukraine / Louis Vuitton.

Elizaveta Porodina 9

To see more of Elizaveta’s work –

Please visit: Facebook & Behance

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The Thing2 editInstitute: What made you take the career path as an actress?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I’ve always been a performer in one sense or another- from the time I was about 2 years old. I always needed to be singing or dancing, and I gravitated towards a stage whenever I saw one. I tried my hand at pretty much everything in that realm, and as soon as I got the chance to act I knew there was no going back from that. Especially once I realized it could actually be a job. I was, and still am, in awe of the fact that you could be paid to do something so incredibly fun. 2014 has quite possibly been the best year yet for me. I feel like I’m doing the kind of projects and roles I’ve always wanted to do and very much on my own terms which is something I’ve really tried to work towards. My husband and I made a feature film together this year called “Faults” and I’m so proud of it. It was amazing to get to see something come to fruition like that by one another’s side.

Institute: We are excited to see ‘Kill The Messenger’ can you tell us a bit about that?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Kill the Messenger is a true story about Gary Webb who was a journalist for the San Mercury News in the mid nighties. He fell into this incredibly huge story involving the CIA and their ties to the crack epidemic in the US. Basically the CIA was aware of drugs being trafficked in large quantities into the country by people who were involved with the Nicaraguan Contras, and did nothing to stop it. The story became huge and salacious and subsequently very exaggerated as it was picked up by other outlets, and people tried to get Webb to back off the story. But he refused. It’s amazing that this happened in our recent history and we hear so little about it.

The Thing2Institute: What drew you to the part of Anna Simons? Institute: How was it working alongside Jeremy Renner?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I was very excited to play Anna, as she’s the editor of the paper and quite an authoritative figure. And yet, she is still young and relatively inexperienced and not perfect. She’s smart and strong, but also fallible. She gets in a little over her head when the story breaks and her relationship with Gary becomes strained. It was great to get to play out this friendship/working relationship with Jeremy onscreen. He’s such an incredible actor and it was so easy to feel so many things for him in any given scene. Gary can be very frustrating for Anna at times, but what she sees him go through is ultimately heartbreaking.

Institute: You have worked alongside some incredible talent, who has been the most influential?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: It was great to watch Jeremy work- he’s such a free and instinctual actor. You never know what choices he’s going to make from scene to scene and that’s always really exciting and invigorating to act alongside. I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of actors who inspire me in so many ways.

Institute: You also star in this years anticipated ‘The Hollars’ What was the auditioning process like?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: In that case, John Krasinski wrote me a lovely letter asking if I would play the role and I was more than happy to oblige. I hadn’t met him before but was excited to get the chance to work with him as well as the rest of that amazing cast. Speaking of inspiring actors- Richard Jenkins is someone I’ve been lucky to be in a couple films with now and I think he’s an absolute master. Just jaw droopingly brilliant.

The Thing23Institute: How do you keep yourself occupied in between projects?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: This year has been so busy with work I haven’t had time for much else, which is of course a good problem to have. Ultimately I try to make time to visit family who are spread out all over the country and to be at home with my husband and our dogs. I have a band called Got a Girl with Dan the Automator, so that’s been a fun diversion from acting. We write and record and perform when we can. We put an album out just this past July.

Institute: What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I’ve had a few that have felt like personal milestones for me, but I think the film that still stands out for people is Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. I feel proud to be known as “Ramona Flowers” to the fans of that film. It’s gained quite a cult following over the past few years and I really hope it continues to grow. I’d be more than happy if that turns out to be the project I’m remembered for because it’s just such a great and completely unique film.

Institute: How hard do you push yourself?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I push myself hard in terms of what I expect of myself- I push myself not to settle or be lazy as an actor. But I’ve never been a complete workaholic. I definitely need balance in my life.

Institute: What are some of the greatest fears you think actors face?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Of course failure is a huge one. For me one of my greatest fears has always been not reaching my full potential. I want to always be working to get better. I’d be really sad if I ever gave up that need, and I definitely have a fear of losing it.

Institute: Could you single out a person who has had a profound impact on you in the last 5 years?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I did a film called Smashed a couple of years ago and it was a real turning point for me. Something in me clicked wen I was working on that film, and I really understood how it felt to be doing the kind of work that makes me truly happy. So I’ve been trying to follow that voice ever since. I’m really thankful to James Ponsoldt, the director of that film, for helping me find that voice.

The Thing25favorite city –

(so far) Rome

favorite hotel

SoHo London

Favorite restaurant


signature scent


home is


I love


 I hate

People who lack empathy. And also blue cheese.

latest purchase

Several pieces from a shop in Vancouver called Oak and Fort

currently listening to

 David Bowie’s “Five Years” on repeat

you can never have too many

mornings of sleeping in late

Beauty Essential

Anything by Renee Rouleau skin care her products are the best. My favorite is the Vitamin C and E serum. Beauty tip – Always wear sunscreen. I also love Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip cream and apply it often. I like a relatively clean moisturized face versus a lot of make up.

favorite website I spend a lot of time on It’s just one of those sites that if I go to it, I know there will be pages of content I won’t be able to stop reading. For shopping I’ve discovered the which is discounted designer clothing, and is dangerous for my online shopping habit.

where do you think trends are created – Definitely within youth culture. I find myself scoffing at the “things kids are into these days” only to sometimes adopt those same trends down the line. I like to think I don’t fall prey to trends but I’ve noticed this happening a few times!

Top Five Fashion Essentials – Dior sunglasses Rag and bone boots oversized vintage hat black and white lace dress by Sandro comfortable black jumpsuit

Elias Hove

1Institute: Favorite city?

Elias: Definitely London. I really don’t mind Copenhagen or New York either!

Institute: Favorite hotel?

Elias: I don’t really have a favorite hotel, I very often don’t get to stay in them for too long.

Recently my work took me to a really lovely one in Scotland though,called The Torridon, that was really really lovely.

It was an old mansion with turrets and all, they put hot water bottles in your bed whilst you’re dining,

they have got an amazing whiskey bar and you wake up to highland cows mooing. What more do you need?

Elis Hove2

Elis Hove3

Institute: Signature scent?

Elias: Tom Ford Tobacco and Vanilla

Institute: Home is?

Elias: Sortland, northern Norway will always be home-home.

London is my 2nd home, where my life is lived, but when I come back to the cold,

the light, the mountains and fjords, I am home.

Elis Hove6 Elis Hove4 Elis Hove5

Institute: I love?

Elias: Mixing colors, getting my hands dirty with colours.

Institute: I hate?

Elias: Bad eyebrows.

Institute: Latest purchase?

Elis: Some really nice new additions to my garden.

Elis Hove7

Institute: Currently listening to?

Elias: Joni Mitchell. I am quite boring like that.

Institute: You can never have too many?

Elias: Lip pencils and round fluffy brushes.

Institute: Beauty essential?

Elias: Tweezers and curlers.

Elis Hove11 Elis Hove12 Elis Hove13

Institute: Beauty tip

Elias: Sunscreen. This will forever be my best tip.

Institute: Favorite website?

Elias: Tumblr, probably. I love my feed.

Elis Hove10

Institute: Where do I think trends are created?

Elias: I don’t even know if they are created. They seem to appear, either out of necessity or people being bored of the current. I feel like it’s more and more anti- trending, you don’t want to be wearing a just old enough trend, it’s better to wear a really old trend or one about to happen. You just don’t wanna be in that in-between bit that just got not trending. Also people have so much opinions about what they don’t like, I wish people started liking more. It’s too much not liking.

Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy Cover 1

Institute: You are now into the third season of Arrow, what do you think has been the key to its success?

Katie: A few things: We have a wide age demographic. I often hear families are enjoying watching Arrow together. Also, the show is grounded, and yet has that “super” hero element. I believe our writers and producers did a wonderful job balancing the two. Lastly, I have to give it to our crew and stunt team. We have the best of the best!
They all kick ass.

Katie Cassidy

Institute: What can we expect from season three of Arrow?

Katie: Bigger than ever. Also, expect the unexpected. I often say this in regards to our show, but it’s true.
Every episode is a game changer and keeps things exciting!

Institute: What drew you to the part of Laurel Lance?

Katie: I could relate to her in many ways. She’s the modern day woman. Driven, dedicated and emotionally charged. She’s tough. She believes in strong morals and values. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t make mistakes, she does, but she doesn’t let them get the best of her. She’s motivated by her mistakes, she grows and learns from them.

 Katie Cassidy Single

Institute: If you could obtain a Super power what would it be?

Katie: I absolutely hate flying, and do it often. I love to travel though. I love exploring new cities, but dread the plane ride/airport. So, having said that… I wish I could teleport myself. That would make life A lot easier.

Institute: From any character you have played to date, who can you most relate to?

Katie: Laurel Lance.

Institute: What else can we expect from you this year?

Katie: I have a movie coming out called “the scribbler”. A dark psychological thriller. I play a girl with multiple personality disorder. It’s a character you have never seen me play before.

Katie Cassidy Single6Institute: How do you keep yourself occupied in between projects?

Katie: I run a fashion/lifestyle blog called TomboyKC. I started it with one of my closest girlfriends. It’s an enormous amount of work, but I love fashion!

Institute: Who influenced you in your early years? Who is your biggest influence now?

Katie: I saw Proof on Broadway starring Anne heche. She was brilliant. Her performance is what inspired me to pursue my dream to be an actor.

 Katie Cassidy Single2

Institute: Biggest influence now? 

Katie: Robin Wright- the woman’s a goddess.

Institute:  What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far?

Katie: I’m incredibly proud of Arrow.

Institute: How hard do you push yourself?

Katie: I am an extremist. If I commit to something, I give everything I have. I guess you could say I’m extremely “type A”.

 Katie Cassidy Single4

Institute: What are some of the greatest fears you think actors face?

Katie: Have you heard of the actors nightmare? Being on set and having everyone waiting on you, and you can’t remember a single line.

Institute: Could you single out a person who has had a profound impact on you in the last 5 years?

Katie: Yes 2 people. My spiritual healer, who has helped me through hard times, and good times, she’s my rock. Also, my best friend/ business partner for TomboyKC, Lynsey Eaton. She is a role model of mine. She’s a Smart strong independent woman who isn’t afraid to call me out on my shit. I always appreciate people like that. She’s a great friend that I wish I had met earlier in life. She’s become more like family to me…

Katie Cassidy Single8


Stoya Front Cover


Institute: What made you take the career path of a Adult film star? Stoya: Initially performing in pornographic video sounded like fun. It ended up working out quite well and turning into a career.

Institute: What has been the most negative experience you have faced since being in the adult film industry? Stoya: Questions like this one. The subtle insinuation that negative experiences are what an interviewer is most interested in. It’s a slow boil of negativity which perpetuates sensationalist stereotypes about the adult film industry.


Institute: What is the most common question you are asked in interviews? Stoya: “What’s next?” is probably the most common. I’m always trying to dodge it for fear of jinxing whatever project I’m currently working on.

Institute: Who is your favorite person to work with? Stoya: Katsuni is one of my all time favorites to perform with, and Jessica Lustig is my favorite editor.


Institute: What do you think is the most positive thing about the adult film industry? Stoya: For performers it can provide safer access to sexual experiences which would be very difficult to coordinate or highly unsafe to experience elsewhere. For the general viewing public, I believe the demand clearly illustrates that adult films fill a need for a certain kind of entertainment. Beyond the groups directly affected by pornography, it seems like the mere existence of adult films has driven a large discourse on sex and sexuality which, by causing discussion, strikes me as beneficial for our culture’s general relationship with sex.

Institute: What is it about LA that you dislike so much? Stoya: LA is dry, constantly sunny, and the sprawl combined with the traffic means getting just about anywhere takes about an hour. I’m not a fan of any of these characteristics.


Institute: What do you think of the plastic look? Stoya: Some people, Amanda Lepore for instance, take it to such a degree that it becomes interesting to me but mostly it isn’t really my thing.

Institute: What other projects are you currently working on? Stoya: Can’t tell you. Don’t want to jinx anything.


Institute: What else can we expect from you this year? Stoya: Can’t tell you. Don’t want to jinx anything.

Institute: Who influenced you in your early years? Who is your biggest influence now? Stoya: Rei Kawakubo and Vivienne Westwood’s work probably had a major influence on me. Their women always looked like the sort of woman I’d want to grow up to be. Now it’s mostly my current social group.

Institute: What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far? Stoya: Having an op-ed published in the New York Times. I’m actually not sure anything could ever top that.


Institute: How would you describe your style? Stoya: A little bit of “are we really sure this counts as clothing” with a dash of “this might be on backwards” and lots of black.

Institute: Who is your favorite fashion designer? Stoya: I’m torn between Westwood and Kawakubo.


Institute: Could you single out a person who has had a profound impact on you in the last 5 years? Stoya: Molly Crabapple for sure. She’s been incredibly inspiring.

Institute: Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Stoya: Somewhere with very thick, floor to ceiling curtains.


Institute: Favorite city

Stoya: Tokyo

Institute: Favorite hotel

Stoya: Ace

Institute: Favorite restaurant

Stoya: Beauty & Essex

Institute: Signature scent

Stoya: Old smoke

Institute: Style icon

Stoya: Westwood

Institute: home is

Stoya: Where the cats are

Institute:I love

Stoya: coffee

Institute: I hate

Stoya: 7am call times

Institute: Latest purchase

Stoya: A whole stack of books from Strand in NYC

Institute: Currently listening to

Stoya: Ambient construction noise

Institute: You can never have too many

Stoya:  Tubes of moisturizing lip gloss

Institute: Beauty Essential

Stoya: eye cream

Institute: Beauty tip

Stoya: Back away from the mirror

Institute: Favorite website


Institute: Where do you think trends are created

Stoya: Wherever it is that the soul of capitalism resides

Institute: Highlight of your career to date

Stoya: Having an oped published in the New York Times


Institute: Top Five Fashion Essentials

Stoya: High heels that one can run up stairs/jump puddles in. Comfortable undergarments.

This sheer floaty black dress from Comme des Garcon’s a couple of years ago. Black leggings. More black leggings.

Jake McDorman

Jake McDorman

Institute: What made you take the career path as an actor?

Jake: It took awhile to discover that being an “actor” was even a thing. I just knew I loved the telling and retelling of stories. When I was a kid my Dad would read to me books like Treasure Island, 20,000 Leagues, Les Miserables, my parents would take me to plays, I had of course seen a countless number of movies, and all I could figure out was that I was happiest when totally immersed in that environment. Turning that into a career happened a lot later.

Institute: Who influenced you in your early years? How about now?

Jake: That’s a very long list. I loved Michael Keaton growing up. I still love Michael Keaton. He was Beetlejuice and Batman. My influences now come from so many different places. Actors, musicians, friends and family. It’s a medley.

Institute: Can you tell us about your character in Shameless?

Jake: Mike Pratt is Fiona’s new supervisor at her new job and he’s her new boyfriend. He’s new. He’s never met any of the Gallaghers or even a family that comes close. He helps run the family business, he’s been married and divorced, and he’s probably the most “normal” guy Fiona has ever been in a relationship with. Down to earth with no ulterior motives steak and potatoes kind of guy.

Jake McDorman

Institute: What attracted you to the part?

Jake: Just about everything. Mike is almost on a totally different show that the rest of the characters. Maybe a different planet. He comes from this totally stable environment that juxtaposes everything else that’s going on in an episode. I was very interested to see that play out through Fiona’s relationship with him. To watch Fiona, who has been the master of managing chaos, attempt to settle into a more typical lifestyle was very interesting to me. So there was that, and then of course what the show is. And getting to work with all the people that make the show what it is.

Institute: Do you ever become emotionally involved with your characters?

Jake: Absolutely. With Shameless for example. There’s a handful of episodes Mike doesn’t appear in after he finds out Fiona’s been cheating on him with his brother. Nonetheless, I would still get sent the scripts for those episodes, and I would be eager to get home, tear it open, and find out what happens to Fiona next. Now, a lot of that is just really good writing. As a fan, I wanted to know how the story continues…but a larger part of me wanted to know as an ex boyfriend. It was bizarre. Reading those Shameless episodes that I wasn’t in was like my way of Facebook stalking my fictional ex girlfriend.

Jake McDorman Jake McDorman

Institute: What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far?

Jake: I’m pretty sure that if I went back in time and told my 7th grade self that I was going to be manhandled by Bruce Willis in a Die Hard movie I would have lost my mind. That’s one of the best perks. As you go along you get to cross things off your grade school bucket list.

Institute: How hard do you push yourself?

Jake: For me it’s a balance between pushing yourself hard enough to do good work and the kind of work that you’re proud of, but making sure you’re not being overly critical of yourself. It’s easy to get in your own way without realizing that’s what you’re doing. Hopefully my work grows and improves as I do.

 Institute: What are some of the greatest fears you think actors face?

Jake: The obvious answer would be rejection, but there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s true, but that’s part of the job description. It’s like you have to be sensitive enough to be an actor, but tough enough to make it your career. There’s always fear.

Jake McDorman Jake McDorman

 Institute: Could you single out a person who has had a profound impact on you in the last 5 years?

Jake: I’m sure, but that’s for me to  know.

Institute: How do you keep yourself occupied in-between projects?

Jake: Some of the hardest work that needs the most motivation is keeping busy between jobs. It’s a perpetual state of waiting and preparedness. An audition, meeting, test, etc. could come any day of the week. It takes getting used to. You have to prioritize your life and manage your time in such a way that you’re ready to go at the drop of a hat. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve realized that you do have to make some sacrifices to live that way, but those pale in comparison to the opportunity.

Institute: What are you working on at the moment?

Jake: I leave for NYC in a few days to start work on a pilot for ABC created by Jeff Lowell with Analeigh Tipton.

Jake McDorman

Jake McDorman can be seen as Mike Pratt, on Showtime’s “Shameless” airing now.

Linda Vojtova

Linda Vojtova

Linda VojtovaInstitute: Favorite fashion designer?

Linda: Isabel Marant.

Institute: iPhone or Blackberry?

Linda: both, iPhone for fun and internet, berry for writing emails.

Institute: Favorite City?

Linda: NYC.

Institute: Favorite Hotel?

Linda: The Aman Resorts.

Institute: Favorite Restaurant?

Linda: Nobu next door in TriBeCa.

Institute: Signature Scent?

Linda: Rose Water.

Institute: Style Icon?

Linda: Elizabeth Taylor.

Institute: Home Is?

Linda: New York.

Institute: I Love?

Linda: My Life.

Institute: I Hate?

Linda: Negativity.

Linda Vojtova

Institute: Latest Purchase?

Linda: Isabel Marant b/w dress.

Institute: Currently Listening to?

Linda: The Lumineers.

Institute: You can never have too many?

Linda: bags and shoes.

Linda VojtovaInstitute: Beauty Essential?

Linda: Sonya Dakar mushroom peel.

Institute: Beauty tip?

Linda: cleanse, hydrate well and not too much make up. Less is more in this case for looking young.

Institute: Favorite website?

Linda: Facebook.

Institute: Favorite person to work with?

Linda: Scott Lipps.

Institute: Where do you think trends are created?

Linda: In people’s imaagination.

 Institute: Highlight of your career to date?

Linda: The biggest highlight is still to come.

Visit – Linda Vojtova’s Website

 Linda Vojtova’s Facebook Linda Vojtova’s Twitter

Scott Lipps

Scott Lipps
Institute: What is your diary looking like at the moment Scott?

Scott: Managing talent every day and running ONE mgmt. I usually have 5-10 meetings a day with ad agencies, photographers, models, etc. Going on shoots, a bit of travelling for work, attending fashion and cultural events. Basically 24 hours of nonstop madness… that’s my life.

Institute: How was NYFW for you and your models?

Scott: It is always a lot of work, but if you break a few new clients every season its worth it. The market in NY is flooded with models from all over and from quite a lot of agencies…thankfully we had Marine, Elsa, Sarah Engelland and some others do very well…from the YSL exclusive to other great shows…

Institute: It’s clear to see you have a great relationship with your clients. How do you create the perfect balance of business and pleasure?

Scott: You always have to maintain a level of professionalism on top of the business, but we are like a family, so I’m lucky to have such a close relationship with them all…ultimately you see your team and the models more than you see your actual family so it’s important to get along well.

Institute: What qualities do you look for in a new model?

Scott: There’s not one thing, but personality, proportions and that certain star quality are super important. Sometimes you just know it when you see it…a year and a half ago when Carola walked in, we all knew she had the “it” factor. Since then she’s done 4 international Vogue covers.

Institute: Who are the ‘Ones to Watch’ from ONE?

Scott: Sarah Engelland who did a worldwide YSL exclusive in Paris this season, Chloe was in Bazaar this month and did a shoot for Uniqlo, Marine who had a great show season, and, of course Carola.

Institute: Do you have an all time favorite model?

Scott: I think Christy Turlington is such an iconic talent and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met but of course all of the models we rep at ONE are my favorite!

Institute: What has been a stand-out out moment in your career so far?

Scott: I think the fact that we continue to sign A-level talent like Karolina Kurkova and that we are expanding into so many areas of the business that others have not, from social media to building real brands with clothing lines, fragrances, cosmetic deals and licensing deals. It all keeps it exciting.

Institute: What is the secret to your success?

Scott: Not sleeping! And working 24-7.

Institute: You also play the drums in Hole, can you tell us more about that?

Scott: It’s been an amazing experience. I played in front of maybe 40,000 people with Kanye West and The Black Eyed Peas last year with HOLE! We aren’t in a touring cycle, so there have been just a few shows this year and some recording, but when we do, its on a massive level and amazing.

Institute: How do you find time to play in a band and run one of the most successful modelling agencies in the world?

Scott: Because we have only made a few appearances in the last 15 months it’s been totally fine to juggle both, plus I don’t sleep!


Institute: You spend a lot of time in LA. What made you set up your offices in New York?

Scott: I actually don’t spend too much time there anymore, but I used to live there. And for the celebrity endorsement things we do, I need to be there every now and then, and to sign talent etc. But NYC is the epicenter for fashion, hence, our office is here.

Institute: What has been the most surreal experience since starting One Management?

Scott: The fact that we have survived and prospered where others have not, and we continue to grow and expand.

Institute: How do you feel when you see actors/actress’s becoming the face of fashion campaigns?

Scott: I think it’s a natural evolution and part of the process… models still sell well and its Ok to have a healthy balance.

Institute: What can we expect from One Management in 2013?

Scott: How much time do you have? More branding, expanding, and lots surprises to come.

Institute: What is an average day for Scott Lipps?

Scott: I think the above mentions it all but 80% fashion, some film, tv and cultural worlds and a bit of music thrown in for good measure!

Cameron Richardson

Cameron Richardson

Institute: Tell us about your journey into the acting.

Cameron: My journey into acting started as a child.  I had a certain need for getting attention, partly due to being the youngest out of four children and an overactive imagination.  I was in school plays and was a class clown in school.  For some reason making people laugh made me happy at a very young age.  I was fortunate enough to spend the later years of my childhood in New Jersey because it was so close to New York City.  I knew i wanted to be an actor but i didn’t know how I was going to do it.  No one in my family or anyone that i knew in general were in the business.  When I moved to NYC, after a year of waiting tables, I was begrudgingly signed to a modeling agency.   No one wanted to sign me due to my height, or maybe it was because i was from Jersey.  Either way I made it go right.   I wasn’t the prettiest or the tallest but people hired me because I was fun.   How I started acting was a fluke or some would call it fate.  I was in LA doing a modeling job and I got my first acting audition for a Show called Cover Me.  I booked it and off i went learning how to act on the job.  Sounds annoying right?  But its been about 14yrs now since that fateful day and man i sure have learned alot about myself, this business, and acting. I have Been very humbled and have had amazing and terrible life experiences.  All of which makes an actor good.  After 14 yrs, i can finally say I know what I am doing.

Institute: Who influenced you in your early years? How about now?

Cameron: In my early years, I think I was always obsessed with Jim Carey.  I love comedy and when i watched “In Living Color” my mind was blown with all of the different characters and facial expressions Jim could do.  Funny huh?  Plus I really wanted to be a Fly Girl.

Cameron Richardson3

Institute: What firsts attracts you to a character?

Cameron: What first attracts me to a character, is how can I find this persons truth. I love it when I get to play characters very different from me and get to step out of the “blonde box”

Institute: Do you become emotionally involved in your characters?

Cameron: I do become emotionally involved with my characters.  For some reason if my character is hurt in a film or tv show and is crying, I will cry when I watch it.  I always sympathize with their problems because I have to know them well and essentially become them

Institute: Does your costume complete you character transformation?

Cameron: My costume absolutely completes my character transformation.  I love doing period films such as “Hotel Noir” where I had to dress very was liking tying a bow on an amazing package.

Institute: If you could star in a re-make of a classic film, who would you want to play?

Cameron: If I could star in a re-make of a classic film, it would be Sophie’s Choice.  Not that I could ever come close to Meryl, it would be more of a character exploration for me.  I feel like the depth of that woman’s pain and what she did to survive is compelling to me.  What lengths human beings will go through to survive has always fascinated me.

Cameron Richardson5

Institute: How hard do you push yourself?

Cameron: I push myself very hard mostly physically, everything else career wise will happen whether I want it or don’t want it.  Being a mother of a 3 year old i’ve learned to multitask and when all else fails, let go a little.  I used to try to control everything and want the impossible.  Now I am grateful for what the universe will hand me next

Institute: When are you completely satisfied with your work?

Cameron: I am never completely satisfied with my work.  Or I should say yet.  I know when I do a good job, but I am never 100% satisfied.  I am more satisfied with the experience of making the film or TV show and if I impacted the cast and crew in a positive way.

Cameron Richardson6

Institute: What are some of the greatest fears you think actors face?

Cameron: The biggest fear actors face is never working again,  at least thats my fear.  I will go a stretch of 6 months without work and think whats wrong with me, I must really suck, blah blah blah…then I get a job and everything is fine again.  So dumb, i do it to myself everytime.  My biggest advice is to just dont get off the boat, stick around long enough and something will happen.  Never give up and never quit.

Institute: Do you have any great inspirations?

Cameron: I am inspired by people that over come situations in their lives.  Self-made people, that come from nothing and become who they want to be in this life. People who become successful and in return end up helping others.  Its amazing what you can accomplish if you work hard and have drive to get what you want.

Cameron Richardson9

Institute: Do you have a preference when it comes to TV, film and theatre?

Cameron: I love making films, but I love doing TV shows a bit more.  Just for the stability and becoming close with the cast and crew.  On films you are with people for about 2-3 months and a show can go for years.  You become a little family.  That is what makes me most happy.  Its not all about the product its about the experience for me.

Institute: How do you keep yourself occupied in-between projects?

Cameron: Being a mother keeps me very occupied in-between projects.  In a way I get to experience life again through another persons eyes.  We go to museums, make art, and go on adventures.  I also work out alot.  It makes me feel good, not just on a phyiscal level but a mental level as well.  I surf and hike alot.   Its important to have other things going on than just this business because an actor is not always working.  I’ve learned to cherish my down time and make the most of it because when I am filming it consumes all of my life.

Cameron Richardson10

Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight Sam McKnight

Institute: Favorite fashion designer?

Sam: Fred Perry.

Institute: iPhone or Blackberry?

Sam: iPhone.

Institute: Favorite city?

Sam: London.

Institute: Favorite hotel?

Sam: Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc.

Institute: Favorite restaurant?

Sam: Any greasy spoon in London.

Sam McKnight

Institute: Signature scent?

Sam: Eau Sauvage.

Institute: Style icon?

Sam: David Bowie & Tilda Swinton.

Institute: Home is?

Sam: London.

Institute: I hate?

Sam: I don’t hate.

Institute: I love?

Sam: Life.

Institute: Beauty tip?

Sam: Water, sleep and no smoking.

Sam McKnight Sam McKnightInstitute: Latest purchase?

Sam: Turnbull and Asser boxers.

Institute: Currently listening to?

Sam: Nina Simone.

Institute: Favorite film?

Sam: Bladerunner.

Institute: Favorite film director?

Sam: Ken Russell.

Institute: Favorite model?

Sam: Too many to say!.

Institute: Favorite person to work with?

Sam: Kate Moss.

Institute: Most inspiring person you have ever met?

Sam: Princess Diana.

Sam McKnight

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