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  • Yuki Haba

    Yuki Haba

    Institute: How did your career in make up artist begin? Yuki: Before I started work as a make up artist,my career is sales person of cosmetic. My interest for make up increased day by day.So I decide to enter make up school.Luckily I already have good relationship with cosmetic maker,so before graduation I got offer for make…

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  • Gokhan Bartu Yüksel

    Gokhan Bartu Yüksel

    Institute: How did your career in photography begin? Gokhan: I started when at a very young age, I could say. I then had a music company – an amateur one. I used to shoot the album covers, design the posters of the musicians signed with the company. When a musician walked into my studio, I…

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  • Runxi Wang

    Runxi Wang

    Institute: How did your career in photography begin? Runxi: I first thought that I would become a fashion designer, but when I began studying visual arts, I found that I excelled there even more. These skills allow me to bring my creative visions to life. I worked for Vogue China before. During that time, I assisted some very…

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  • Eve Kohler

    Eve Kohler

    Institute:  How did your career in photography begin? Eve:  5 years ago, i wanted to make better pictures of my dog aishi, so i got myself a camera. I really liked it and went in some courses and found out that i wanna become a professional photographer. Institute: Who did you aspire to growing up? Eve:…

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