Haoqing Geng

Institute talks to Beijing born beauty Haoqing Geng about her greatest passions,

aspirations and how fate intervened

to make her dreams come true. Geng recently made the move to

NYC and has never looked back…

Institute: How did your career in modeling start?
My career in modeling started when I moved to New York City in 2019. Out of synchronicity, I connected with like-minded friends who were all passionate about fashion and modeling, so we started going to casting calls just to see where it would take us. Turns out there was more for us than just fun!

Institute: What was your breakthrough moment?
Haoqing: I’d say my breakthrough moment was when I made it to the Equalshuman S/S 2022 collection runway show. That was my first time working with GenArt and walking in Spring Studio! There was so much chaos due to COVID restrictions and miscommunications but the show was an exhilarating success. Everything came together like magic and I met some great people that I still call friends today. It was definitely a testament of when something is meant for you, it’ll come to you even if you don’t know how!

Institute: What has been your proudest moment to date?
My proudest moment so far was when I shot for the Nike holiday ’22 campaign. Not only did I model the clothes and shoes, I also showcased my yoga techniques and acting skills! It was such a fun day and I met an amazing movement coach (Ehizoje Azeke, Wilhelmina Models) and an improv coach (Lou Gonzalez Jr., Squirrel Comedy Theatre). I loved being able to do modeling alongside my other passions!

Institute: What would you love to achieve?
I’d love to be financially self-sufficient through modeling. That means more commercial bookings! But I also love constantly improving myself through editorial photoshoots and runway shows, and achieving a higher caliber on those fronts are definitely on my list as well.

Institute: Who do you love working with?
I love working with queer, BIPOC and local designers and creatives. It’s fascinating how much creativity and connections the community can bring out! Some of my closest relationships include Paolo of ParadoxVestedRelics, Timothy Westbrook, and Duey Catorze of (B).stroy. These people are my creative family here in New York!

Institute: Do you have a favourite image of yourself?
My favourite photo of myself currently is my new headshot after I got a hime haircut at the beginning of this year! I kept my look natural and I wore a cropped black collared shirt. I used to be scared to experiment with edgy hairstyles or fashion because I thought I wasn’t good-looking enough to pull them off. But now I let go of the traditional beauty standard and give myself permission to go bold. It’s been a transformative experience!

Institute: What does 2023 hold for you?
This year has so much more creative abundance, joyful connections, and communal support in store for me! I’m stepping onto bigger stages, appearing on wider platforms, and making more marks. I’m truly excited about another milestone in my career

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