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Piece Of Your Heart

Institute: How did your career in Makeup begin?
Nancy: As a young professional I’ve started my career in Makeup at Douglas. In this time I’ve been trained by MUA professionals from brands like YSL, Chanel & Lancome. Later on I started my own beauty salon, specialized in anti-aging and went on the MUA training in Belgium.

Institute: What has been your career highlight to date?
Nancy: I’m very proud that I’ve been working for several international publications, from MUA projects for young upcoming fashion designers to hairdressing books al over Europe.

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Institute: You have worked all over the world. Where is your favourite place to work?
Nancy: In my opinion is not the place, but the team by far most important. So nowadays I work with a team of dedicated professionals who go for the best!

Institute: What is the story behind your latest Institute Mag editorial shoot?
Nancy: You can enjoy a beauty shoot of Rowena Golob, a young professional photographer. We made a mood board of new inspiring fashion and make-up.

Institute: What sets your work apart from other artists?
Nancy: We strive for the perfect shoot, we always get inspiration form new ideas and want to set a trend. A little bit crazy, but absolutely fashionistas style.

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Institute: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?
Nancy: My dream is to collaborate with Chanel, we all love that brand and style.

Institute: How would you describe your style?
Nancy: Abstract, drama, fashionable, extravagancy, these words come top of mind.

Institute: What are your top three on set essentials?
Nancy: 1. inspiration and drive of the photographer like Rowena Golob 2. fashionable and extravert fashion design like Elly Schraven or for example jewelry styling like Christel Verkerke Mulderij 3. and of course make up with a WOW factor applied to a top model.

Piece Of Your Heart2

Institute: What is the best advice you could give to any up and coming Makeup Artist?
Nancy: Use class1 make up products and always be perfect in what you do!

Institute: What’s next for you?
Nancy: Absolutely reach for the top with my team of colleagues/friends. Chanel, here we come ;-)


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