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Luca Storelli


Institute: How did your career in photography begin?

Luca Storelli: I’m visual. I remember working in a photo studio as a graphic, and I was drawn to the pictures. The ability to create something new and particular fascinated me so much to take the camera and start taking pictures. So I spent the rest of my time studying techniques, taste, and art from the best photographers in the world to become a better photographer.

Institute: What has been your career highlight to date?

Luca: In recent years I have specialized in the way of Beauty & Fashion, Portrait, and Fine Art photography. I work with companies and clients who care about beauty, and I like to believe that I’ll continue to improve in this area. To this day, I am satisfied with what I do, but I continue to study the work of my colleagues. My work is the result of the emotions that all of them have sent to me. And all this has stimulated me to such a degree as to progress rapidly and improve more and more.

Institute: You have worked all over the world. Where is your favorite place to shoot?

Luca: I do not have a better place to photograph. Obviously when I work always try to find a suggestive or original location, so I can create a non-banal setting. India obviously was a great destination, as well as the Barhein Isle or Singapore. But the basic thing, in my opinion, is to give a theme to the shooting, so you can then choose an appropriate location. This is the most important thing. So the choice is always subordinated to the theme of the work. Not the other way around.

Institute: What is the story behind your latest Institute Mag editorial shoot ‘Venus’?

Luca: Everything started a year ago when my fellow friend Marco Ciriaci (director Miss World Italy – Lazio) asked me to work for him as a photographer in the beauty contest Miss World Italy (Lazio). The chance to enter into a world beauty contest excited me. Such an important competition deserves the most important attention. From here the idea of representing Italian beauty in the world, combining the excellence I have with you, the beauty of the ceremonial dresses of one of the most important Italian designers, Debora T, and the unmistakable style of make up and hairstyles of a name between the most prestigious hairdressers in Rome, Giorgio Nardi. In 90 days, we will leave for China to Sanya to compete with the world finale of Miss World 2017 with Conny Notarstefano, making sure we have done our best and have done a great job thanks to the work of an extraordinary team

Institute: What sets your work apart from other photographers

Luca: I love movies. I think photography in cinema is a fantastic example of beauty. Every single frame in a movie is for me the inspiration for study and growth. My photography is inspired by all this. Colors, tones, colors, the composition of the image … these are the main ingredients behind every click of mine. I conceive a picture as if it were a photo frame of a movie, this is my way of photographing. Each shot must communicate, transmit emotions, so it must be original. I learned to be original by my masters, Joel Grimes, Lindsay Adler, Scott Kelby, Ivan Gorokow, Pratik Naik, Amanda Diaz, each of them completely different and damned original.


Institute: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Luca: Definitely. My career was marked by my teachers, and my dream would be to be able to work with one of them at least. At the moment, however, I’m content to be in touch with some of them on the social platforms, and every now and then to get their likes on my photos. It has an immense value for me.

Institute: How would you describe your style of photography?

Luca: As I said before, my style is characterized by my love for cinema. A personal style inspired by film photography. Every photo is a separate moment and must be able to express emotions. Being visual, I’m in love with all the beautiful things. And beautiful must be every picture I realize, it must contain style, elegance, and beauty.

Institute: What are your top three on set essentials?

Luca: First, complicity in the team. The energy that is shared during a shooting in the team is crucial to the success of a good job. For second, creativity and the right vision of the set. Have the clear ideas of how to shoot, the composition of the image. See and imagine the shutter before you can make it. And finally, by going to the technical section, have the right lights and diffusers to make ideas unlimited and trouble-free. Light is the most important thing to handle during shooting.


Institute: What is the best advice you could give to any up and coming photographer?

Luca: The advice I have to give to new photographers is to confront and always learn from the work of others. Each artist is able to give us a very important heritage of his art, and being always careful and willing to learn, we can improve and grow dramatically. So let’s always say thanks to all the professionals who publish and share their work, thanks to them we can be more and more talented artists. Finally, learn to be personal, starting from the basics and developing your own unique, different, and then recognizable style.

Institute: What’s next for you?

Luca: Every day for me there is something new. There is no limit to personal growth, in life as in art. My passion for learning always keeps on going, especially in a world where everything runs so fast. I want to continue to improve, compare and continue to learn from so many great people around me. I want to become a better artist … I want to grow day by day.

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