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Institute: You specialize in hair, beauty, fashion and celebrity photography. How did your career begin?

Dorit: I had a thriving career as a hair and make up artist for two decades in Europe and the US before I changed careers. It was a long transition and I started shooting film and created a body of fine art at the same time, photographing many of my friends, mostly nudes, all in black and white. I sold some of my images but it was not enough to pay my bills.  All of my work was exhibited in galleries and museums all over the US—and all of this was going on before the Internet.

I got my first break print opportunity with Men’s Health Magazine in Germany when they offered me a cover shoot. Our relationship lasted for seven years! I always specialized in health, fitness and wellness.
Years later I dove into my real passion: beauty.

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Institute: Your photography career spans over 20 years. What has been your highlight?

Dorit: So many highlights in my career because I am always open and I have recreated myself more than once! I believe that you have to constantly move forward and see where doors are opening, and always do your best work and go with the flow. This is how the universe has given me the most amazing opportunities.

Institute: You have worked all over the world. Where is your favorite place to shoot?

Dorit: I do love shooting in a studio space, believe it or not. Creating magic with a creative team is very satisfying to me. But if I had a wish to shoot somewhere special, I go to either a very deserted location like Mongolia, Death Valley in Southern California, or Cuba.

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Institute: You have worked and collaborated with some of world’s biggest beauty brands from REVLON, Urban Decay Cosmetics, etc. LORAC Cosmetics , OYA Beauty and ALOXXI. How do you maintain a great working relationship?

Dorit: Relationships are everything. As a photographer you play a leading role but your client needs to be inspired by you, your vision and your engagement, all without being pushy. I try to always work hard and always try to exceed my clients’ expectations.

Institute: What sets your work apart from other photographers?

Dorit: I try not to compare myself with others. Every person, each new assignment is so different, a real exploration. I try to stay original and create new work from deep within.


Institute: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Dorit: Designer Iris van Herpen

Institute: How would you describe your style of photography?
Dorit: Super strong and bold

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Institute: What are your top three on set essentials?

Dorit: My reliable crew
Strong coffee
My favorite shooting music makes the difference

Institute: What is the best advice you could give to any up and coming photographer?

Dorit: Be original, work hard, stay grounded and humble.

Institute: What’s next for you?

Dorit: Shooting a Spring/Summer campaign for one of my main beauty clients and then a planned trip to Nepal. Life is an adventure!

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