The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle: Helping You Make Genuine Romantic Connections, Minus the Weirdos

Finding ‘the one’ just got a whole lot easier!

Photograph by Anthony Turano

If you’ve dabbled in a little online dating, you’ll know that it’s a minefield. From the unwarranted nude pictures to weirdos spamming your inbox, it’s no mystery why so many people are turned off when they first give the virtual dating scene a shot.

Luckily for the love-seeking romantics out there, though, there’s a high-end social network that could be the answer to your relationship woes. The Inner Circle is a dating app with a difference.

Rather than simply letting every Tom, Dick, and Harry sign up, all applicants are ‘screened’ before they can use the service. Everything from the user’s LinkedIn profile to their Facebook statuses are scrutinised to determine that  they are the right fit for the site.

Essentially, this means that all the creeps and odd bods have been eliminated. So, from the moment you start interacting with potential dates on the app, you can be absolutely certain that you will exclusively meet attractive, ambitious, like-minded people.

Unlike Tinder and many other so-called ‘hook up’ apps, there’s no swiping right or left on pictures of people to reject them at first sight. In fact, there’s nothing callous or discriminatory about The Inner Circle at all. You merely browse users’ profiles and begin speaking to those you fancy.

We’re all particular when it comes to finding a partner – and, frankly, so we should be – which is why the app has a filter. You can refine your romantic searches by things such as proximity, new users, and who’s online right now.

Of course, there’s no denying that there’s only so far that online dating can go when it comes to creating a genuine relationship with someone. The Inner Circle app also has member events where you can meet some of your connections IRL. From evening soirees to dinner parties, there’s sure to be something to pique your interest.

Ready to find that special someone? You can sign up to The Inner Circle here with your Facebook or LinkedIn.

Written by Charlotte Grainger

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