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Fajer Fadhel

Fajer is an International makeup artist in the Middle East. She is recognized for her creative artistry skills in the makeup industry for several years.
Fajer discovered her passion for makeup artistry since she was 18 years old. She has spent most of her childhood going back and forth to Spain from where she continued to develop her skills as an artist in which studying art and understanding color theory became the backbone of her Make-Up career today.


Institute: Can you tell us the inspiration behind your latest beauty editorial for

Fajer: The punk subculture is based on different ideologies such as the individual’s freedom, fashion, and forms of expression.  I have always been inspired by the punks as I myself a huge fan of their style and fashion. The glam rock which was developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1970’s was my main inspiration because it was performed by musicians who wore outrageous costumes, makeup, and hairstyles such as David Bowie and Sweet and i wanted to use such strong elements in my story.

Institute: What is your creative process?

Fajer: I believe creativity comes from the inside. It’s not about only creating a great content, but meaningful content based on a research in a creative way that reflects my aesthetics and who I am as an artist.

Institute: You spent a lot of your childhood in Spain. Do you still find inspiration there?

Fajer: Of course!  Spain is a very lovely place, full of life, you see artists and art everywhere, on the streets or on walls, you see dancers, shows, kids playing around etc. And all these great memories are represented in my works. The use of different colors, textures, pigments and bold ideas all refer to my playful childhood.

Institute: You discovered your passion for makeup at 18. How did that happen?

Faker: It happened naturally as I was an artist myself. But My parents wanted me to study English and persue another carrer. However, I decided to live a creative life and get paid for something I really love. That’s where I joined different makeup courses and read a lot of makeup books and still learning to be a better makeup artist.

Institute: What can we expect to see from you in 2017?

Fajer: There are a lot of projects and plans I have this year. But 2017 will be all about developing myself and my career.

Institute: What advice do you have for up and coming Makeup artists?

Fajer: Believe in yourself, be inspired but don’t copy and most importantly have your own voice. There are a lot of great artists out there and to be one of them, you have to be creative, creative and creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and express your self and find your own journey as an artist.

Institute: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Fajer: Indeed there are a lot of great Makeup artists that I would really love to collaborate/work with such as the legendary Pat Mcgrath, Alex box, and Lan Nguyen.


Institute: Last album you bought?

Fajer: I haven’t bought albums from a very long time. But the last “book” I bought was Lan Nguyen’s

Institute: Where do you find inspiration?

Fajer: Besides nature and artwork, I find inspirations from basically everything i believe beautiful. Sometimes I get inspired by different objects, topics, people, cultures, buildings, or different elements from nature and I try to incorporate that and make it fit my aesthetic and style.

Institute: How do you get unstuck creativity?

Fajer: To get unstuck creatively you have to have the confidence and believe in yourself and your skills. I’m never afraid to challenge myself. And i love to experiment new things and do the work that scared me the most. Don’t be afraid to being different.


Institute Magazine: You are an ambassador for the airbrush brand 
Elementwo Pro. How did that come about?

Fajer: Although I got approached many times from different companies, however I only talk about a brands that I truly love. And by being creative, passionate, determined, and believing in myself I believe was the reason behind elementwo Pro to have me as their Ambassador.

Institute: Proudest moment of your career to date?

Fajer: I am proud of almost everything I did starting from day one till now. Everything I did and every chance I got makes me want to become a better and a stronger  artist.

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