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Yuki Haba

Yuki Haba Interview

Institute: How did your career in make up artist begin?

Yuki: Before I started work as a make up artist,my career is sales person of cosmetic. My interest for make up increased day by day.So I decide to enter make up school.Luckily I already have good relationship with cosmetic maker,so before graduation I got offer for make up from cosmetic maker.

Institute: Who did you aspire to growing up?

Yuki: Kevyn Aucoin! I knew about him on promotion of INOUI as a cosmetic Brand of SHISEIDO,Japan.Almost as same as I started career of cosmetic, I heard about him from my friend who is SHISEIDO beauty counselor.
He is, amazing,genius,unconventional.He still Influence to me after he dead.

Institute: What are you currently working on?

Yuki: I work for making something cool,beautiful for shooting,giving knowledge of how to make up to young make up artist in Asian country,giving experience ‘make up is wonderful’ to ordinary people from cosmetic maker’s demand using their product.

Yuki Haba Interview3

Institute: How was 2015 for you?

Yuki: It was great year 2015 for me!!I met and worked with many talented people from all over the world.I appreciate people who met me, worked with, and I appreciate my good luck !!

Institute: Do you have an all time favourite image?

Yuki: No.The image I have keep changing.It depend on mood.But it may based on Japanese traditional culture,more or less.

Institute: What is your creative process?

Yuki: At first,think about meaning of word,2nd image the visual,3rd think about how to realize the image.So when I find shortage of skill to realized the image,I start training or think new mix of skill I already have.My style is ‘just in time’

Institute: What has been your proudest moment to date?

Yuki: In 2014,I join one of most biggest beauty competion as a make up director. Make up artist of my team is very young,not so skillfull yet.
The boss of my team wanted me to think make up design which bring us victory even if the player is not skillfull.I think and show them how to do, coached  young make up artist in short time.
As a result, my team got 3rd awards in over 1600 competitive team!

Yuki Haba Interview4

Institute: What career path would you of taken if not make up artist?

Yuki: If I’m not make up artist, I Can not imagine today.
My life and way of thinking is changed in make up school. When I entered make up school, I was already 32 years old.Others are around 18 -22 years old.I was at the surface of generation gap, but I got many things.

Institute: What do you think of taking photos with your phone?

Yuki: It is convenient!!but for only as a record of life.

Yuki Haba Interview2

Institute: What does 2016 hold for you?

Yuki: I wish , 2016 give me the opportunity to meet talented people, to make awesome work,to get attention from creative market.
Especially I wish 2016 give me good days best ever!
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