Michael Hochfellner

Michael HochfellnerInstitute:  How did your career in photography begin?

Michael: Photography has been my passion for so many years. I got my first camera as a young man and have been fascinated by photography ever since.

Institute: Who did you aspire to growing up?

Michael: I can not limit this to a person, there are many encounters in life which motivate one, goad someone or even distract you from the track. Personally I aspire geeting more and more myself, against trying to be someone else.

Michael Hochfellner2Institute: What are you currently working on?

Michael: Currently I am planning on a big fashion Editorial shoot for end of january, it will be very powerful, with expressive people in the leading roles.

Institute: How was 2015 for you?

Michael: 2015 was for me a year full of sunshine.

Michael Hochfellner3Institute: Do you have an all time favourite image?

Michael: Yes, The Tetons and the Snake, by Ansel Adams, 1942

Institute: What is your creative process?

Michael: Perfecting moments is my secret: it drives me to create an even better picture every time and to turn my inspiration into creation.

Michael Hochfellner4Institute: What career path would you of taken if not photography?

Michael: I can hardly imagine not being a Photographer but pilot would also be a great professional.

Michael Hochfellner5Institute: What do you think of taking photos with your phone?

Michael: In my opinion, each camera is better than no camera. Nowadays, the technology of smartphones is already developed so far that in many situations there is no need for another camera. I just love to shot photographs with my iphone.

Institute: What does 2016 hold for you?

Michael: You never know exactly what to expect, but I have a feeling that 2016 will be a great year for me.

Michael Hochfellner6

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