Federico Maria Jannacchino

Federico Maria JannacchinoInstitute: How did your career in photography begin?

Federico: It hasn’t begun yet. My desire to do photography probably began when I fist saw the Wim Wenders’ photo book “Una volta”.

Federico Maria Jannacchino 21

Institute: Who did you aspire to growing up?

Federico: I aspire to become more and more myself. Not anyone else, and it’s more difficult to become.

Institute: What are you currently working on?

Federico: I wanna explore the large format photography, for sure.Federico Maria Jannacchino 22Institute: How was 2015 for you?

Federico: A year of skin-changing.

Institute: Do you have an all time favourite image?

Federico: Yeah, I have. La flûte de pan, by Picasso, 1923.

Federico Maria Jannacchino

Institute: What is your creative process?

Federico: Seeing, thinking how to realize, doing that. Often failing.

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Institute: What has been your proudest moment to date?

Federico: The day, the moment I knew I was going to become father.

Institute: What career path would you of taken if not photography?

Federico: I’d really like to become a… lawyer, an attorney at law.

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Institute: What do you think of taking photos with your phone?

Federico: That’s a first step and a good final step, once you can afford to come back to minimal tools.

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Institute: What does 2016 hold for you?
Federico: A new birth, my second son. An infinite happiness.

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