Julie Daniels


Julie Daniels lives in coastal LA and loves meeting people, listening to music, and welcomes any opportunity to travel the world. She has a unique vision when it comes to photographing people, seeking to bring out the essence of the individual, that beautiful, unexplainable light that shines from within. A portrait by Julie typically shies away from the clinical, often cruel accuracy that has become synonymous with today’s precise digital technology, and draws more toward a dreamy, almost nostalgic aesthetic.

Institute: Favorite city 

Julie: London or Rio

Institute:Favorite hotel 

Julie: The Four Seasons in Milan. They converted a convent to a hotel, and to their surprise, they uncovered original frescos dating back to Medieval times, so they’ve incorporated it into the architecture and décor.

Institute: Favorite restaurant 


Julie: Any espresso bar.

Institute: Signature scent 

Julie: Lily & Spice, by Penhaligon

Institute: Style icon 

Julie: Audrey Hepburn

Institute: Home is 

Julie: By the beach in LA.

Institute: I love 

Julie: When an image or song transports you to a place words can’t describe, numbers aren’t necessary, only feelings matter. Your vibration is raised and you are carried along with it, even if only for a moment.

Institute: I hate 

Julie: The sounds of hammering and drilling going on next door.


Institute: Latest purchase

Julie: A vintage lens that is as big as a telescope. I’m so excited to use it!

Institute: Currently listening to 

Julie: Amore, by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Institute: You can never have too many 

Julie: Skateboards.

Institute: Favorite website

Julie: Instagram

Institute: Where do you think trends are created 

Julie: On the streets, often by kids who have never seen a fashion mag.


Institute: Highlight of your career to date 

Julie: Meeting Peter Lindbergh last year when my six year old modeled for W Mag. I love how he sees people, and it’s so beautiful, and gritty, and timeless, and honest, his work gets even better as he ages (he’s 70), yet he’s full of boyish enthusiasm for photography. He very generously let me watch him work for three days and answered all my questions.

Institute: Top Five Fashion Essentials 

Julie: Black turtleneck

Black boots



A colourful bag to carry everything else.

See more of Julie’s work here:

Website: http://www.juliedanielsphotography