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Institute: Favorite city?

Maxime: Las Vegas

Institute: Favorite hotel?

Maxime: Bellagio Las Vegas

Institute: Favorite restaurant?

Maxime: sushi restaurant

Maxime Thibodeau2

Institute: signature scent?

Maxime: Lacoste

Institute: Style icon?

Maxime: David LaChapelle

Institute: Home is?

Maxime: Canada / Montreal

Maxime Thibodeau5

Institute: I love –

Maxime: I Love to illustrate my imagination into a photograph and beautify it with contrasted light. Same if I considered beauty to be found first and foremost in differences, not in perfection.

Institute: I hate –

Maxime: I Hate negative personalities, everyday I try to be around positive and keep going to make my dream real.

Institute: latest purchase –

Maxime: My Latest purchase Is A leather Rucksack handbagyt. The best accessory to take with you on a daily basis, especially since it will match perfectly with just about anything.

Institute: currently listening to –

Maxime: I ‘m currently listening, for the first time of my life, a Tv show,  Breaking Bad. It’s about a teacher, name Walter, dumbstruck when he learns he has terminal cancer. Realising that his illness probably will ruin his family financially, Walter makes a desperate bid to earn as much money as he can in the time he has left by turning an old RV into a meth lab on wheels.

Institute: You can never have too many –

Maxime: Black clothes. I Think all of my wardrobe doesn’t have any color. Everything started when I realised when I could see my own reflection in the accessory, props or same on the floor where I was shooting. So now I can never have too many dark clothing

Institute: Favorite website –

Maxime: Amazon Only Because I Prefer shop online.

Institute: Where do you think trends are created?

Maxime: I expect every one should create their own trends with out following every advert they saw.


Institute: Highlight of your career to date?

Maxime: Work for Loreal Canada It’s for me the best Highlight of my Career in 2015.

Institute: Top Five Fashion Essentials –

1 – leather multi-tasker bag. This little accessory holds all your essentials like cards, money, passport and glasses.

2- The classic Black pants are crucial because they can be dressed up and they can be dressed down. This neutral color goes with anything and camouflages minor mishaps (nobody will ever notice where that wayward drop of wine fell)

Maxime Thibodeau

3- An original cellphone case.

4- The Converse Chuck Taylor, All Star Leather sneaker adds a rich, textured leather upper onto the world’s most iconic high…

5- A classic French Terry Cardigan in black.

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