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Mathew Guido

Mathew Guido

Institute: Favorite fashion designer?

Mathew: Rick Owens

Institute: Favorite City?

Mathew: Tokyo

Institute: Style Icon?

Mathew: Jared Leto

Mathew Guido2

Institute: Favorite Hotel?

Mathew: Sala Silvermine Hotel in Sweden

Institute: Favorite Restaurant?

Mathew: Guu Izakaya

Institute: Signature Scent?

Mathew: Acqua Di Parma Essenza

Mathew Guido4 Mathew Guido3

Institute: Home Is?

Mathew: Wherever my family is

Institute: I Love?

Mathew: Anime

Institute: I Hate? Mathew: Spiders

Institute: Latest Purchase?

Mathew: Go Pro Hero 3 Black

Mathew Guido5

Institute: Currently Listening to?

Mathew: Sam Roberts Band

Institute: You can never have too many? Mathew: Candles

Institute: Beauty Essential?

Mathew: Sleep & water

Institute: Beauty tip?

Mathew: Less is more

Mathew Guido6

Institute: Favorite website?


Institute: Favorite person to work with?

Mathew: Mynxii White

Institute: Where do you think trends are created?

Mathew: On the street

Institute: Highlight of your career to date?

Mathew: The first time one of my drawings was developed into a photograph

Mathew Guido7

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