Elias Hove

1Institute: Favorite city?

Elias: Definitely London. I really don’t mind Copenhagen or New York either!

Institute: Favorite hotel?

Elias: I don’t really have a favorite hotel, I very often don’t get to stay in them for too long.

Recently my work took me to a really lovely one in Scotland though,called The Torridon, that was really really lovely.

It was an old mansion with turrets and all, they put hot water bottles in your bed whilst you’re dining,

they have got an amazing whiskey bar and you wake up to highland cows mooing. What more do you need?

Elis Hove2

Elis Hove3

Institute: Signature scent?

Elias: Tom Ford Tobacco and Vanilla

Institute: Home is?

Elias: Sortland, northern Norway will always be home-home.

London is my 2nd home, where my life is lived, but when I come back to the cold,

the light, the mountains and fjords, I am home.

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Institute: I love?

Elias: Mixing colors, getting my hands dirty with colours.

Institute: I hate?

Elias: Bad eyebrows.

Institute: Latest purchase?

Elis: Some really nice new additions to my garden.

Elis Hove7

Institute: Currently listening to?

Elias: Joni Mitchell. I am quite boring like that.

Institute: You can never have too many?

Elias: Lip pencils and round fluffy brushes.

Institute: Beauty essential?

Elias: Tweezers and curlers.

Elis Hove11 Elis Hove12 Elis Hove13

Institute: Beauty tip

Elias: Sunscreen. This will forever be my best tip.

Institute: Favorite website?

Elias: Tumblr, probably. I love my feed.

Elis Hove10

Institute: Where do I think trends are created?

Elias: I don’t even know if they are created. They seem to appear, either out of necessity or people being bored of the current. I feel like it’s more and more anti- trending, you don’t want to be wearing a just old enough trend, it’s better to wear a really old trend or one about to happen. You just don’t wanna be in that in-between bit that just got not trending. Also people have so much opinions about what they don’t like, I wish people started liking more. It’s too much not liking.

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