Oh Land

Institute: Do you remember the first time you realised you wanted to become a musician?

Oh Land: I never gave it much thought, it just happened naturally so that suddenly everything I did was to make music and after a while I was like “wow- I guess I’m a musician”.

Institute: Both your parents are musicians, do they ever offer advice?

Oh Land: My Mom is always critical of my performances. I guess she can’t put her work aside. It’s in her blood being a vocal coach. But I think she has understood that I have my own idea of how to sound and she is fully supportive of that.

Institute: Your mother is a classically trained opera singer, how would you say that has influenced you?

Oh Land:  I grew up with singing and lots of it. Opera is pretty flamboyant and I think that definitely influenced my style in music. I like when it’s big sounding with lots of strings and layers.

Institute: You used to look in the mirror and see a dancer, what do you see now?

Oh Land: I see myself detached of anything I do. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Everyone else wants to put a label on you, why would you want to do that to yourself.

Institute: Do you still have a love of dance?

Oh Land: I love dance and the freedom of the movement. I often picture myself doing a million pirouettes.

Institute: Does living in New York heavily influence your writing?

Oh Land: I am influenced by people and stories more than places. But there was definitely an infatuation phase when I moved to New York, I wrote a few songs about the city. White nights is inspired by NYC.

Institute: What has been your biggest highlight to date?

Oh Land: As much as I love being a support act I think headlining my own shows always leaves the biggest impression. Watching people sing along to my music, everything melts together.

Institute: Do you have a personal favourite Oh Land track?

Oh Land: It changes all the time with my mood. When I’m sad it’s the darker ones like Lean and Wolf and I.

Institute: What is your all time favourite song?

Oh Land: I have alot. “Because” by Beatles. “I Play Dead” by Bjork. “Idioteque” by Radiohead…..”Where is My Mind” by Pixies.

Institute: Does fashion enhance your performance?

Oh Land: I think clothes are definitely a big part of appearances and artistic expression. I always dress like the emotions in my songs.

Institute: As a musician do you feel more aware of the way you dress?

Oh Land: As a child the dressers from The Royal Danish Opera House would look after me while my Mom was on stage, clothes and fashion have always been a big part of my life. I spend alot of time collaborating with designers to create the perfect atmosphere for my shows.

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