Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight Sam McKnight

Institute: Favorite fashion designer?

Sam: Fred Perry.

Institute: iPhone or Blackberry?

Sam: iPhone.

Institute: Favorite city?

Sam: London.

Institute: Favorite hotel?

Sam: Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc.

Institute: Favorite restaurant?

Sam: Any greasy spoon in London.

Sam McKnight

Institute: Signature scent?

Sam: Eau Sauvage.

Institute: Style icon?

Sam: David Bowie & Tilda Swinton.

Institute: Home is?

Sam: London.

Institute: I hate?

Sam: I don’t hate.

Institute: I love?

Sam: Life.

Institute: Beauty tip?

Sam: Water, sleep and no smoking.

Sam McKnight Sam McKnightInstitute: Latest purchase?

Sam: Turnbull and Asser boxers.

Institute: Currently listening to?

Sam: Nina Simone.

Institute: Favorite film?

Sam: Bladerunner.

Institute: Favorite film director?

Sam: Ken Russell.

Institute: Favorite model?

Sam: Too many to say!.

Institute: Favorite person to work with?

Sam: Kate Moss.

Institute: Most inspiring person you have ever met?

Sam: Princess Diana.

Sam McKnight

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